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Meet the new era of Zach Clayton in ‘Off White’ Music Video

Meet Bad Zach

Social Media Influencer, Zach Clayton has released a new music video but its not that simple this time. He has revealed a new era of his music entitled ‘Bad Zach’. The song ‘Off White’ is the first track from this era that comes after the announcement of the Jacob Satrious tour he will be apart off. In the video he deputs a new Hip Hop sound and the subtraction of his hair (Danielle can’t call him a pineapple head now). The music visually is appealing to the eye and it gives off the same vibe as The Weeknd’s ‘Tell Your Friends’ and ‘Starboy’ music video concepts with Zach looking at his older self. I feel like he couldve kept the name Zach Clayton but it seems that hes going for a more edgy feel so I understand why he had to change it. His ex girlfriend @babyariel also tweeted about it and congraulated him on the change //

Zach previous released music but the lyrics were not as edgy or straight forward as this track. It seems as too protect his brand he kept his music PG13 but now it’s about to be a new year and we get to see a new Zach which in all honesty, this new era seems like its going to be his best one yet. Watch the video above and let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter.

You can follow him online here // https://twitter.com/badzachx

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