It’s the start of a New Year. It’s 365 blank pages of opportunity to do better. Most importantly, it’s the month most artist try to release those projects that will set the whole year off right. One of my favorite artist did just that and her name is Alexi Blue. Blue is actually her middle name and yes she has pink hair. She is taking over 2017 and we are not mad at all.

It’s been 4 years since Alexi Blue released her last EP, Live Your Life. For the past years she has been wowing audiences around the world with just singles and covers reaching millions of viewers and evening hitting 1 million devoted followers on Facebook. She has tapped into the key of being a creative independent artist and that’s not only talent but the closeness she has to her fans and the realness in her music. Devoted she is to writing the truth with her guitar and being inspiring to those who look up to her.

Blue, who resides in sunny California along side her sister actress Ava Allan, was on Gold Crwn Magazine in 2015 and sold our physical copies out in a matter of hours.

Alexi’s latest project, ‘Tri Me’, doesn’t disappoint by no means. It is, in Alexi’s own words, “fierce, independent and represents me in the most authentic way possible”. We agree. The power behind her voice as she sings each lyric reminds us that each song is authentic and written by Alexi on her beloved guitar from experiences dear to her heart. The three track masterpiece delivers fierceness and girl power on ever song as her whole entire catalog has and obviously she should keep that up because its working. 2017 is her year and we are here for it.

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Ella Audrey Rae

Ella is the Editor in Chief of Gold Crwn Magazine. She also blogs on her website ellaaudreyrae.com about her life experiences and fashion. In her free time she designs websites for different creatives and retailers under the company 95LA. She is a Weeknd + Kehlani fan and loves tweeting inspiring quotes.