Tween Brand , ‘ Justice’ speaks on Girl Power and how they are bringing it into 2017

Tween girls fashion home since 2008, Justice, is continuing to take over the young fashion scene with most recently adding boys into the mix. Justice began working in 2015 to create clothing that offers options for all girls, regardless of their interest in glitter to target every girl in the world. Along with creating awesome clothes, they also promote girl power.

Over the summer, Justice launched their “Live Justice” platform showcasing the brands core values and what they stand for: Live Connected, Live Active, Live Smart, Live Positively, Live Creatively, Live Together. Therefore, Justice has created a video series where each video reflects a core value, because that is what they are truly about as a brand and what they really care about.

This winter season they decided to partner with singer/songwriter Maddi Jane and launch their holiday “Wish and Wonder” campaign. Their campaign “logo” this year is a snowflake because each snowflake is unique, just like each girl. Maddi Jane got to write a song and release the music video to bring even more magic to the campaign.

We got to sit down with the Justice Team and talk more about the partnership with Maddi Jane and how they will bring Girl Power to 2017.

Why is girl power so important to the Justice Brand?

We believe that every girl can change the world and has the power to be anyone or anything she wants to be. We want girls to dream big, to spread their positivity to others and feel empowered to be themselves. What you wear is a reflection of who you are, and it’s our job to provide girls with fashion choices that make them feel good & nurture their confidence.  We believe that helping girls build their self-esteem with things like positive messaging  and graphics and supporting her through all her tween ‘firsts’ – first bra, first make-up, first fashion decisions- are ways that Justice can help.

What about Maddi Jane made your company decide she was the perfect spokesperson for this campaign?

Maddi Jane is a strong, confident, and creative young artist who is inspiring girls everywhere with her music.  She passionately pursues her dreams and goals, and does so with a positive attitude.  Maddi Jane embodies what it means to Live Justice!

What is the goal at Justice?

Justice is here to help our girl navigate tween life through the clothes that she wears to express her style and individuality. We strive to give her the confidence to be who and what she wants to be, to help her break down barriers and stereotypes, and to promote empowerment and acceptance. We are here to help guide her through key moments in her life, and to empower her to share her story and pursue her passions.

What is a Justice girl and how do you Live Justice?

Our girl is at the heart of everything we do.  She is inherently positive, creative and individualistic. She’s at a time in her life when she’s learning to express herself.  She has passions, dreams, and goals, and is defining herself on her own terms.  Our Live Justice brand platform encourages her to share her story and to become a part of ours. All of our brand actions, in store, in digital and in social, are focused on a set of Live Justice core values – to live active, positive, creative, smart, connected and together. It’s about building her confidence, empowering her and giving her the space to have a voice and to be heard. These Live Justice values reflect the way she lives her life, and we’ve created an environment to celebrate that and new platforms that let her drive the conversation – it’s her authentic voice that spreads the message best.

What does your company plan to do in 2017 to forward this type of positivity?

Justice plans to continue to grow the Live Justice community, focusing on empowering our girl and helping to give her the confidence she needs to define herself on her own terms.  We will continue to highlight our core values through all brand actions and offer product designed to inspire strength and confidence for every girl, every day.

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