How do you deal with bullying since you are in the public eye?

I’ve come to believe that as we focus on the good, we have the energy to fix the bad. I don’t believe any of this is my work anyway. My mission on this earth in my career is far greater than me. The praise isn’t mine, and neither is the criticism. So it doesn’t really hurt. My self worth is only in my Heavenly Father’s opinion of me, so when others opinions aren’t favorable it doesn’t hurt so much. Also long as I am right with God, I’m alright.

What helps you get through those times of doubt when it comes to music?

I go back to the times where I knew without a doubt this is what I am supposed to do with my life. When I’m feeling the darkness, I think back on times when I felt the light.


What would you say to those fans who are dealing with bullying on a daily basis?

Look for someone who needs a friend. No matter how bad you may have it, someone else is hurting more. Look for that person and be their hero. It will heal them, and in the process, heal you.

Body shamming is a big issue in young girls. How do you feel about magazines that Photoshop young girls?

I just want the magazines to have some section in their magazine that tells the truth. Like I get they are selling a product but I wish they could educate the girls and tell them, “this is what this pic really looked like before we changed it in order to sell our magazine.” I just think education is key.

tumblr_inline_mxav43qopf1qzr0vwWhat would you say to a magazine that does that you one of your pictures?

Haha I would just let my girls know the truth. I would post the original pic and then say haha look, food baby from my pancake at breakfast, and take a look at that little devil on my chin! Gotta hate those time-of-month pimples… haha!

What words of inspiration do you want to give to all the young girls that follow you ?

Life has little meaning to it unless you are serving others. Happiness is truly found as you fill others with happiness. Be a good friend. Help others reach their goals, and in the process, you will reach yours.

You can read the rest of Tiffany’s interview in issue #19 where she talks her album, the break and her love life. 


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