Selena Gabrielle On Being An Actress & Starting On Music | March ’14

Selena Gabrielle is Atlanta’s newest upcoming Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Dancer & Model. She is a native from Cincinnati Ohio. She relocated to Atlanta in 2011 to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Selena considers herself a “triple threat” in the entertainment industry.


At the age of seven, Selena was asked to perform her first solo at her church. Since that day she has learned to express herself through the arts. You can catch Selena in various feature films in 2014. She will play “Jalia” in Rough Patch~Twisted Fate, “Janique” in I Do, Maybe, The Movie, “Chuch Hurt, The Movie” as “Desiree.” She will be your host/dancer on “The Spot” a new dance show for tweens coming 2014!! We got to sit down with this awesome young lady and get to know more about her!

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What made you want to start acting?.“I attended a program called YEA (Youth Ensemble of Atlanta) one summer. It was geared toward youth who were interested in the entertainment industry. I took art classes that included acting, music, and dance. I was a little shy at the time, but being around other talented kids help me com to express myself more. I soon audition forthe role of Jaliain “Rough Patches Twisted Fate” movie ioned the role. Which will be out this summer”

As an actor, you get to play different people, is it easy to come back to you after playing someone else or does it take a min to come out of the character? “It takes few seconds snap back in reality. I really enjoy learning and playing someone else.”

How was being on stage acting for the first time? “I was excited and I had to learn lots of lines.”

We saw you on “Love Thy Neighbor” the other day, how is it working at Tyler Perry studios? I had lot of fun I couldn’t believe I was actually standing inside the studio. I was blessed just to experience it. ”

You are also a model, So many girl’s want to do that so much but they are afraid about their looks not being great for modeling, what would you tell a young girl who wants to be a model? “I would tell any inspiring model “Anything is possible as long as they work hard and believe in themselves”. My mother taught me Beauty starts from the inside, and I must love myself first!.”

How did you get started in modeling? “I enrolled in classes that taught me how to walk in heels, how to apply make-up. I enjoy creating my own style. .”

Selena Gabrielle’s debut single & video “Got Me Like” hit YouTube October 19,2013.

When did you feel like singing was something you wanted to do?
“When I was 6yrs old I love singing “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey. My mom would record me, my older cousin and sister singing our favorite songs in the family room. I never wanted to give them the microphone. I had to always be in the spotlight. At the age of 8yrs old, I sung a solo publicly at my church.”



How was it like being in the studio for the first time? “The energy was amazing a dream finally coming true. I felt like I belong there. My mom had to make me take a break; I literally did not want to take a break! Being in the studio is like a second home to me. I didn’t want to leave.”

Have you ever been in any talent shows or anything like that in school? “I haven’t done any talent shows. However, as part as my acting career I have participated in my school Black History Program. In honor of Nelson Mandela I recited “Our Deepest Fear”

Your parents seem like they are a big part of your success, what did they think about you having all these different goals and dreams? “My parents support and believe in me. They’ve instilled hard work and good work ethics which have helped me attain goals and dreams. I love my parents so much! .”

What is something that inspires you? “Seeing other inspiring young actor/ music artist reach their dreams. With hard work I know I will reach mines as well”

We noticed your interest in volunteering in animal shelters, Whats your favorite thing about volunteering? “I enjoy & look forward to taking the dogs outside and playing with them. Seeing them locked in a cage make me sad. They get so excited hoping I choose them but I can only take one at a time. I try not to have favorites I love all kind of animals. They are like my best friends. I am a true animal lover! I hate to see any animal abused or homeless it breaks my heart to pieces. My dream is to one day open my own rescue shelter.”

What’s the best thing a fan has said to you? “I get message inbox to me all the time from young girls telling me I have inspired them to become a singer/actress. They ask for advice and what steps they should take. I assisted them on what I done so far to help me. It’s a GREAT feeling when they message me telling me the progress they mad. Sometimes, I encourage them when they’re lacking confidences. I don’t consider them a fan I haven’t arrived are reach my dream just yet, they’re my friends who also trying to accomplish a dream like ME!! Everyone has a purpose. If I can help them reach it we both win!”

Now our magazine is called pretty girls against bullying, what advice would you give to a young girl dealing with bullies? “I am against physical & cyber bullying! I was once bullied. It was difficult to understand being so young because I’m not a mean person. I’m very quiet. I informed my mom about what was going on. She addressed the issues with the school. It stopped sometimes I know bully will continue and get out of control. My advice is to bring it to your parents and school official attention as soon as it begins so it won’t escalate. No one should be afraid to go to school in fear..”

Fun Facts About Selena Gabrille:

  • Favorite Color: Purple
  • Favorite Cartoon: Phenius and Ferb
  • Favorite Music Genre: Pop
  • Favorite Candy: Nerds & Chocolate
  • Birthday: September 19, 1999
  • She was named after Selena Quintanilla-Pérez”
  • Favorite Season: Spring

Wanna know more about Selena Gabrielle? Click Here

*This Interview was in the Spring 2014 Issue of Gold Crwn Magazine that is no longer available for reading.


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