RZMRY jumps back on the music scene with new single ‘What You Do’

Two years ago RZMRY released an alternative, electronic pop EP called “GLD.”  She was featured in Issue of the magazine as well as Issue where she wrote about her experience at the Women’s March.

While “GLD” was a premiere of strength and independence, “What You Do” is a soft, melodic, upbeat love song. It rings in sweet lyrics such as, “Don’t know how we could get by with out each other,” vulnerability like, “This time next week, if you’re still in love with me…” and a catchy chorus repetition of, “Getting it together gets easier with you.”

“What You Do” is my first single since partly because of my perfectionism, partly because I had to figure out what I wanted to do next as an artist and partly because I’ve just been living.This year, I started letting people in. I started letting them into moments where depression would tell me to isolate myself because human contact is the most visceral and effective antidote.  This song was written from a place of gratitude and love. “

She continued, “Have you ever taken a look at someone you see everyday, and for a moment, felt like you were seeing them for the first time? If you have, you know it’s different than the first time because this time you love that person. It’s overwhelming in all of the best ways. And there’s that little voice that whispers in the back of your head, “Please never leave.” I think you can hear all the different layers and elements of those feelings in this song.”

“What You Do” will be available on all music services Friday, September 22th.

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Ella Audrey Rae

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