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Queen Naija is defiantly spicy in latest video for ‘Medicine’

No games were played in the making of this visual.

4.8 Million views and counting in one day. Let’s just start there and take that in. I think we can begin now. Queen Naija from former YouTube personality duo/couple , Chris and Queen, has ventured out on her own after their recent breakup and she seems to be having her best life. Traveling, new management, new location, and spiciness.

She debuted the audio for ‘Medicine’ in 2017 and instantly made people fall in love with her music. Then this month, she released the screenshots of the visual with a look a like of her ex, Chris Sails, that made everyone sit at the edge of their seats waiting. 3.29. The date for the visual was posted all over her social media and us fans knew it was about to be a spicy day. The visual ended up debuting a little later in that day which had fans everywhere wondering what was taking so long but gosh, it was defiantly worth the wait. The visual of course had the Chris look a like in a fight with Queen in the beginning of the video but how about the part that included her new friend ‘ClearanceNYC aka Clarebear’!!! Yeah that’s the spicy part I was talking about. In those scenes, the false ‘Chris Sails’ was forced to sit in a chair tied up watching Clarence and Queen get real spicy with each other. Clarence had his eyes covered so Queen was the most spicy out of the two. With it’s unexpected story line, they did not fall short of the perfect visual for the song. In the end the false ‘Chris Sails’ wakes up next to Queen confused.

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