Priscilla Star Diaz aka ‘P-Star’ announces new music!

This is not a drill

P – Star who now goes by her real name ‘Priscilla Star Diaz’ has announced that she is coming out with new music and a new video. Priscilla hasn’t released music since her child star days back in the early 2000’s so this is exciting. For those who don’t know the singer, she came into the rap game in the early 2000’s debuting with her single ‘Make You Wanna Dance’ and then moving on to her own documentary and staring in The Electric Company on PBS.

Since then we hadn’t seen her much in the spotlight. She is now a recent graduate with a BA in Theatre and Education. Currently living in New York to continue her love for acting, Diaz announced on Instagram that she had not only new music coming but also a new video to match!

There is currently no word on what kind of music she will be releasing and when but I feel that if shes finally ready to release new music then so are her fans who grew with her.


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Ella Audrey Rae

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