Pink Heart looses two members + explaination video

Update: Maddox posted to her Instagram story that there will be a video coming soon and theres two sides to every story. Gabby also posted via her story.

Girl group, Pink Heart released a statement via thier instagram on Dec 4th that revealed that Gabby & Maddox decided to leave the group. No reason was given as to why and neither Gabby nor Maddox ever commented on the matter. Pink Heart fan pages around social media began to speculate and ask questions. 

Today via Pink Hearts YouTube, remaining member, Anaya released a video. In the video, she spoke on the day she found out the girls were leaving and how they lied to her about starting a group of their own. Towards the end she began to cry as she spoke out more on them being her only real friends and how much them leaving and starting a new group affected her. She ended the video by asking Pink Heart fans to still support the group even when the new members become known. 

Pink Heart will still remain in tact and the album will still come out. Gabby and Maddox spoke on new music being released during an instagram live this week and said that fans can expect it in the new year but still did not comment on them leaving the group.

I, as a fan of Pink Heart, can’t wait to see where this new journey takes Anaya and the new girls. Being honest goes a long way and hopefully the girls can be friends again down the road. Honesty is the best policy guys.

You can get their official radio single ‘Super Cali’ on all stream platforms and still request it on Radio Disney.

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