1. Describe Morgan Lynzi in one sentence. Hmmm…Morgan is a quirky eclectic host, actress, model, vlogger, content creator, and influencer (phew!) passionate about living loudly and authentically and empowering and inspiring others through her work and platforms.

2. As a kid did you know that you wanted to be on camera as much as you are now? I was always lost in my own self-created world as a kid, probably because I was an only child. So I definitely knew I wanted to be at the center of my own story…in the spotlight. So yes! All signs pointed to being in entertainment and on camera.

3. Our magazine focuses on bullying also. Have you ever been bullied? And if so what tips would give our readers on what you did to deal with it? Yeah I’ve definitely experienced bullying throughout school. In middle school I was made fun of because of how I chose to dress by one particular girl. Then in high school there were a few people who were very passive aggressive towards me being involved in entertainment. One particular moment I remember is when a few students drew mustaches on all my photo posters I had posted around campus to run for student government. Ultimately I learned to do the one thing that would give them zero satisfaction…ignore and continue to be me.


4. First time being on camera. How did you feel? First time I was on camera was when I was 4 years old. I cant remember if it was for a Nordstrom’s campaign or a yogurt ad…but I was definitely nervous! It’s such a different world to experience when you are that little.

5. You were an intern at three different entertainment places in 2010. How did being an intern help you in your success? The one thing internships provided for me was being able to see how things really work behind the scenes and how some of the biggest TV shows are made.

6. When you were able to intern for E Entertainment , that must’ve been so amazing. What was your favorite thing about interning their? Favorite thing about interning with E! was getting to meet Ashlan Gorse. She is so real and incredibly nice. Being able to pick her brain was great.

7. Who was your favorite celeb that you met interning for E! and why? Honestly don’t remember meeting any! Haha,,,getting to meet a few E! Hosts was really great though. They were all fun and laidback.

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8. In August 2011 , you got to be the face of Nick Cannon’s celebrity high TV. How did that come about? They needed a female presence to do some of the interviews and a few people at the company had met me while I was interning at KIIS FM. I went in to meet and started doing interviews with them from there.

9. What was it like working for Nick Cannon ? Great! He’s an incredibly hard worker and it’s always great to see that in action.

10. What was your favorite thing about being a host on there & would you do it again? The experience it self was my favorite. Any time I have the opportunity to “jump into the fire” and challenge myself I see that as the most valuable.

11.How did you get from just host & producer to developer? I’ve always produced/hosted the interviews I did…initially out of necessity. There aren’t big budgets or huge crews involved to pull it off. When it came to bigger brands and networks like working with CHTV, Teen Nick, and Mnet, most if not all, was produced by the companies so I was able to focus on being talent.


12. Where did you learn to produce and develop talk shows? No one taught me… I really just learned the ropes by DIY and observing how things worked while at my internships.

13 What advice would you give a beginner on how to develop or produce a talk show?
Intern as soon as you can or shadow someone with the career you want so that you can see how it’s done.

14. In April 2013 , you also got to work for nick cannon again on a segment on the Teen Nick Top 10 Countdown. How awesome was it to interview all the featured artist?
Really fun…I was the west coast correspondent interviewing fresh artists so it was definitely enjoyable. I’m all about new music and seeing who is next so it was a great fit.

15. Recently you got to work for Seventeen, one of the top teen magazines in the world. How did you get that meeting ?
I auditioned (like anyone else) and got to be one of the hosts for SEVENTEEN Daily. I would read Seventeen al the time in middle school so it was full circle to contribute to the same brand I looked up to.


16. Even more recently , you started a show called Queen Class. Tell us why you put that together?
I created QUEENCLASS to share the unfiltered advice all my creative friends and I share with each other daily…in private. I think its so important for people to be collaborative and willing to share what they’ve learned especially as young women. I also wanted to include content on my personal channel that went beyond my style+lifestyle related content and was of even deeper value to young women…

17. Where do you find the time to do all of these jobs? Lol
As they say “create of die”. I always have to be working on something so that’s probably why I’ve managed to take on a lot.

“I learned to do the one thing that would give bullies zero satisfaction…ignore them and continue to be me. ” Morgan Lynzi


18. You also post fashion videos in between. Have you ever wanted to be a designer and if you could design anything what would it be?
Perhaps in the future! I probably would do a small collection…definitely include accessories.

19. On Modeling
Modeling is one of the many other things that I do. I started modeling for commercials and ads when I was four then took a break from that world and have recently been getting reacquainted with it.

20. Who is your favorite fashion vlogger on YouTube?
My favorite youtuber (not a fashion vlogger) would have to be Jacksgap but I definitely dig the personalities and point of views of creators like Cloudy Apples, Sunbeamsjess, thatschic.

21. What tips would you give a girl who wants to start a fashion vlog channel like you?
If your going to start a channel be sure that you stay true to who you are and about because its so easy to mimic other creators out there. Create what you’ve always wanted to see and don’t be too focused on getting “youtube famous”…because that’s a recipe for disaster.

22. What is something we don’t know about Morgan but should?
I have a new revamped blog/website where I will be posting a lot more about my life, style, interviews, behind the scenes, and more J. You can find out a lot more at


*This interview was done April 2015 but was never released due to us still figuring out our brand and getting more organized. 

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