Krysten Simone talks her debut single and adding producer to her belt

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Krysten Simone, formally Krysten Simone Caudle, is a singer-songwriter and producer from Michigan. “I had a great childhood, when I was younger I was really into art and went to art camps almost every summer! ” Growing up her dad would play music around the house that seemed to spark her interest “My Dad would play music over the speakers around the house all the time, that’s how I found out I could sing, it was by singing along to my parents music like The Beatles and Earth Wind And Fire. I was also in a girl group with some friends growing up, which really trained my ear!”

She started creating and recording various projects on Garage Band, until she ultimately gained enough skill to become proficient in Logic Pro, where she now produces and writes all of her own music. ” It was my brother who got me into Garage Band, He’s a Dj and when he started out producing that’s what he used and I wanted to use it because he was, I thought it was so cool that he made his own music! It was very much a, I want to do everything my big brother does, sort of thing!” She continued ” My goal actually wasn’t to be a producer. I ended up becoming a producer for myself first because I just couldn’t find anyone who could create a sound that fit my style, and when I did find people they always seemed to have better things to do. I’m not mad at it though I’m actually really grateful. I feel like God put me in those situations to develop this talent that I would not have if I had other people to produce for me. I also want to inspire other women to go for it as well, don’t let someone elses expectations define you, you define you.”

During her Middle school and High school years. She performed at several basketball, football, and hockey games; she was also involved in various ensembles and choirs where she gained her first experiences in performing live. Simone, along with two of her friends also participated as contestants in the popular television show America’s Got Talent, summer of 2011. “It was a night and day difference, honestly AGT was one of the most exciting performances I’ve done, there was an outrageous amount of people. My school performances were so much but also nerve-racking those all felt very much like reality, where as AGT felt like a dream. All positive experiences though.” She continued, “I learned to just always be ready. I learned how much growing I had to do, the whole experience forced me to have more confidence in myself as an artist and not relying so much on other people.

Simone also partook in the first launch of Grammy Camp New York City. She was one of thirty-five high school students selected. Simone along with her camp members performed their final concert at the Best Buy Theater, in Times Square New York City. “It was amazing, That was the first time I’d been in an environment where I had complete control over my experience. I could write what I wanted and be in whatever collaborations I wanted. All the faculty really nurtured every campers creative goals!”

Why do you think that kind of camp is needed? SK: “A lot public schools don’t have good music and art programs and kids are just not exposed to or given the opportunities to express themselves in that way. If there programs are developed they are usually classically base, they aren’t able to put on fully produced concerts performing the music they created, they usually sing in choral groups or large choirs with a line or two as a solo, Not saying theres anything wrong with that, Grammy Camp is just a very different experience also you aren’t graded. ”

On May 4th of this year, she released her debut single ‘I Will’. The song recently hit 200k streams on Spotify. “I came up with the line “Do I still matter to you” at 3am one night after class and loved the melody so much I wrote a song around it. ” She continued “I came up with a chord progression and just whet from there. I seem to write a lot of good stuff at 3am”.

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Is ‘I Will’ a taste of your EP or album? KS: “I’m trying to just focus on singles and firing them out, I like that template better.”

Will there be a video? KS: “I’ve played around with the idea, I might wait until my next single when my supporters have a better idea of who I am as an artist. ”

How do you get into producer mode? KS: “I go on Spotify or YouTube and just listen to records that have the sound/essence I’m trying to capture and study how those producers created them.”

What is your advice for new singers? KS: “Never give up, the moment you give up is the moment it will never happen. Really figure out what matters to you, and put all your energy into that, putting energy into thing that don’t matter will only distract you from your goal. Grind, grind, grind and pray pray pray pray!”

Krysten currently attends Belmont University to study Commercial Music with a Music Business Emphasis and is gearing up to release new music. You can get her debut single ‘I Will’ anywhere digital music is sold.

You can download/stream ‘I Will’ on Spotify, Apple Music and all other music platforms.

Written by Ella Audrey Rae

Photography by Jason Code @skinnydripp

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