JustFab Celebrates Women’s Equality with New ‘Jeaniuses’ Campaign

Leading Fast Fashion Brand Launches Campaign on Women’s Equality Day, August 26th

In celebration of lady bosses everywhere on Women’s Equality Day, e-commerce retailer, JustFab, launched its latest campaign, ‘Jeaniuses’. Instead of focusing solely on the clothing during denim season, the brand teamed up with 5 notable females and is using its platform to inspire and empower women; shifting the conversation from “who are you wearing” and focus on their goals and achievements instead. We defiantly need more of this in the fashion industry.

The women spotlighted in the ‘Jeaniuses’ campaign include: Claire Wasserman, co-founder of Ladies Get Paid, Betty LaMarr, founder & CEO of EmpowHer, and Hanna Lim, founder of Lollaland. Rounding out the group are ladies who have exceled in the typically male-dominated sectors of science and tech – engineer and entrepreneur Noramay Cadena of MakeInLA, and Martie Hasleton, PhD, a world-leading researcher on how ovulatory cycles influence women’s sexuality. ‘Jeaniuses’ offers these pioneers a platform to encourage fellow females to break the barriers of equal pay, challenge traditional roles and establish equally successful and lucrative careers for themselves.

“Much of the mainstream denim season dialogue is focused on what women are wearing rather than what they are doing. At JustFab, we wanted to turn that on its head and inspire our members with these incredible stories and accomplishments from female frontrunners outside of the fashion industry,” says Brand President, Traci Ingalls. “Our members inspire us and in turn inspire the styles and experiences we create for them, which is why we wanted to provide them with these powerful stories that will inspire them to tap into her own ‘jeaniuses.’”

‘Jeaniuses’ went live on Sunday, August 26th on Each of the ‘Jeaniuses’ – featured wearing a simple white tee and JustFab jeans – shares her discoveries and contributions to her respective field to encourage larger conversations about women’s equality.

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