Issue 29 // Asia Monet – Nothing is Impossible

A 15 year old dance machine who recently slayed with her powerhouse of a voice on live with harry.
nuff said.

How do you feel even now being the youngest to win the Star power National Championship?

When I look back, it was such a great feeling of completion at that age. I think at 5 years old, I was just excited to be on stage, but now I think…wow anything is possible if you believe and work hard.

What made you decide to be apart of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition?

Abby’s Ultimate Competition came out of nowhere! Lifetime happened to find me on YouTube, contacted my mom and they found out that I was turning 6 years old, which was way too young for the show at the time and that it wasn’t going to work. Months went by and we got another call that they were still interested in me being on the show and would see if they could clear it. Long story short I ended up on the show, but due to my age, I could only be on set a short amount of time, which was less then the other teen dancers. I still convinced my mom to let me go on the show. I ended up going all the way to the finale, which was a win for me. It was crazy, but at the end I learned so much.


“Love what you do and work hard to believe in yourself because everything is possible.” – Asia Monet



You then ended up moving to Dance Moms, how was the change?

I was offered a spot on Dance Moms, which at the time I had never heard of before, but my mom really didn’t think I should be on the show. I wanted to at least dance and try it out. We ended up in Pittsburgh filming for Season 3, which was a total of 24 episodes. The change was shocking, but I adapted well and just took one day at a time. Being the youngest on the show that season, I tried to fit in but being an outsider was a challenge as well.

In your opinion where should a dancer start if not on TV?

I think as a dancer you need to start with some form of guidance or a mentor to make sure your foundation is strong. You also need to experience some form of competition, so you can be pushed and know what you need to improve on. You should push yourself to do different styles of dance that your uncomfortable with so you can learn to grow.

How was the experience of having your own docu series?

Raising Asia was definitely a crazy experience, but through the good and bad times , I’ve learned from it and Im a stronger person from it now. I deal with a lot of different thing in my life. My choices are mine and I’m in such a happy place right now. I am glad to be past the Reality TV phase in my life.

Was it an easy decision when Lifetime brought it to you?

When Lifetime offered my own show, I was excited! But my mom was worried it would be your typical reality series and not a docu-series. But at the end of the day, you just have to give the opportunities that come to you a chance. You learn from it, you take it as a another experience, and then you move on to better things.

What made you venture off to acting?

I always wanted to act and sing but going from one show to another I didn’t have the time to focus on it consistently. I love the process of studying acting and want to continue to focus on growing with my acting. I still have so much to learn! It’s not easy, but I’m willing to put in the time and sacrifice other activities right now.

What has been your favorite role to play?

I really liked the role of Jasmine on Grey’s Anatomy, the character was challenging but at the same time I love the strength and emotion it made me have to really stay focused and in the moment.

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