‘Fist Fight’ actress Alexa Nisenson talks new movie, first audition, and even Middle School: Worst Years Of My Life

Child Actress, Alexa Nisenson plays Ally Campbell in the upcoming comedy Fist Fight that was released today! The film tells the story about an after school fist fight that ensues when one teacher (Ice Cube) speculates that another teacher (Charlie Day) is trying to get him fired, challenging him to an after school fight. You may recognize her from the her comedy film debut ‘Middle School: Worst Years Of My Life’ where she played a spunky and mischievous younger sibling named Georgia. I got to chat with the actress before her new movie hit theaters.

GCM: How did you get started into acting? 

AN:  “For as long as I can remember, I have always loved performing!! I would always put on shows for my friends and family whenever I could. I had been doing some dancing and I loved it and loved performing on stage and begged my parents to find me acting classes. I started taking a class and after one class, I was hooked!! When I was acting I was the happiest. ”

What was your first audition like? 

“Lol – awful!! We still have it because it was a self-tape request for a TV show! I had never done an audition before and we were really new to the biz and the idea of self-tapes! My mom did it on her cell phone in our entry way of our house. It’s kind of a known thing to never really use props in tapes and I totally did! I used this math machine as a speak and spell! I was missing teeth and I totally over acted. I watch that tape whenever I need a good laugh! But…I got a call back from that tape which is the funniest part!!”

“Middle School: The Worst Years of my Life” was such a great movie. What drew you to the script?

“Literally everything. I had read the book by James Patterson and was such a fan of the series! The script in my opinion was such an amazing adaptation and our writers were amazing. They really created a movie that made you laugh and cry and I loved the idea of being able to create a character who was fun and spunky yet also sensitive and emotional. I also loved the relationship my character of Georgia had with Rafe and their mom Jules. I also was excited to be part of a movie that was such a great family movie so kids of many ages could go see it and like it and relate to it. ”

Do you want to do more comedy movies?

“Oh yeah!! I Love comedies. And I’ve been really lucky to now do two comedies and work with some of the funniest people in the business. Comedies are always fun to film and you really do spend a ton of time laughing even when you aren’t filming.”


You play a spunky and mischievous younger sister. How was it playing that kind of role?

“I had a total blast. Georgia and I are very different so being able to bring her to life and create a character who had many different sides to her was a dream come true. I loved working with Griffin who plays Rafe, my big brother! I am an only child so I loved having a brother for a few months. Georgia was spunky and maybe even a little rebellious like Rafe but I loved that she was also a very loving and protective person when it came to her family!”

‘Fist Fight’ will be coming out soon and it sounds amazing. How was it acting with such an amazing person such as Ice Cube?

“Well, Ice Cube is insanely talented but he and I didn’t actually have scenes together. I got to spend some time with him at the table read and that was exciting and totally intimidating but we didn’t film together. Most of my scenes are with Charlie Day and Joanna Garcia Swisher – they play my parents and they are two of the nicest and most talented people I have ever met!”

You play a young girl who goes through a few struggles with bullies. Have you had that happen in real life and what is your advice to those who deal with bullying?

“I wish I could say that I have never experienced being bullied but I have and it’s a terrible and sad thing to go through. I have been bullied by girls who don’t understand what I do and are not very accepting or understanding. From time to time I get bullied on my social media accounts too. My parents have always taught me that the kids who bully are the kids who need the most love so to never be a bully back and to never let them change the way you see yourself. It’s hard sometimes but I have a lot of people around me who love me and support me and that helps. If you are dealing with a bully, don’t hide it. Speak to a parent or a teacher or another adult you trust. Let someone help you!! It’s nothing to be ashamed about! Be strong and love yourself always. ”

Where do you want your acting career to take you as you get older?

“I hope I am a kid who develops into a successful working adult actor. I love what I do. I am the happiest when I am acting and know it’s what I am meant to do so my dream would be to do it as long as the industry lets me. I do want to direct and maybe produce and write films one day as well. I love actors like Zach Braff and Jodie Foster who are so talented at acting and also at writing and directing. That’s my goal. ”

Connect with Alexa on Twitter @AlexaNisenson 

The movie ‘Fist Fight’ is in theaters today! Get your tickets here

You can get ‘Middle School:The Worst Years Of My Life’ on DVD / Blu – Ray everywhere.


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