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We’re so excited to be premiering Shamba the Artist’s brand new visual ‘Wave’ just for you. The track is the second single to come fresh off of her mixtape ‘Rainbows and Hurricane’s’ that was released in January. The track and mixtape is produced by none other then Mike Kalombo.

Shamba was featured in Issue #33 of our magazine earlier this year where we learned about her background and why she wrote this amazing project.

“The concept for the project came and then I went weeks trying to title it. I knew I wanted it to embody the whole good and bad of relationships. So I had my entire house thinking of possible titles and my mom is the one who came up with Rainbows & Hurricanes. When I ask my mom for ideas on the creative side, like video ideas, etc her ideas are always out of the box. I mean like soooooo far out the box lol. So when she said her title idea i expected not to like it, But i loved it. Rainbows being the good & Hurricanes being the bad.”

She also revealed the hardest song on the EP to record was ‘Shoot Your Shot’ because of the falsetto notes “I was in the studio for hours making sure I was hitting the notes lol. It was crazy.”

I then had to ask her about working with the hit maker, Mike Kalombo who is also seen in the video. “Working with Mike is amazing. Like just amazing. He’s weird and very different from most people and i’m weird and very different from most people, by for some reason it just works. He always pushes me to be great and to have faith in my greatness. I promise you I am my biggest hater, critique .. all of that. But Mike is just like , “yeah you’re crazy, now check your email I sent you a beat”. He didn’t let my self doubt interfere with the music. He’s like “put it in the music”.

The visual is swagged out with fresh outfit changes, appearances from Mike Kalombo, ponytail slayage and of course the vocals are insane. What more could you ask for to brighten your night? Nothing.

You can purchase the mixtape on iTunes and any other digital store.

You can read the full interview here free.

Keep up with Shamba by following her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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