VISTA just released their new single entitled ‘Henchman’ and we had to learn more about the rock band that is giving us a serious Paramore vibe. The band is made up of two members including a former solo rocker named Hope Vista and a guitarist named Greg Almeida.

Hope, What made you want to transition from being a solo artist to being in a band?

“I didn’t really feel challenged anymore, I was completely stuck in a creative rut and I wanted to include other creative minds. I was super used to doing everything myself, making every decision. But I wanted to learn how to accept change and embrace any other opinions outside of my own. It’s still a learning process a year later!”

How do you go about writing?
Hope: “My writing process usually starts with either a voice memo or a random lyric I come up with on the fly. It always starts out with a concept, always has a title from the get-go. I totally suck at writing choruses, but I can bang out two verses for a song in a few minutes, so that’s usually what I’ll have at the start and then rest on it!”
Greg: “Depends. Every time is different. Most times the strongest part of a song will come to me first.”

What can fans expect from your shows?
Hope: “A TON of energy. We’re all super wild on stage, and all of our energy levels mesh really well with each other.”
Greg: “Funfetti. Me saying something stupid on stage. Live Hula-hoop contests.”

Who are your inspirations?
Hope: “I’ve always been motivated by three totally different sectors of music: the Warped-esque bands, 70’s classic rock, and 90’s pop. All completely, completely different. But I’m just inspired by the music that either hits me super hard in the heart or makes me feel warm inside. I don’t ever want to limit myself to being inspired by only one type of music. I’d never grow that way.”
Greg: “Super mathy-or proggy type stuff. Super poppy stuff. Just stuff that is catchy, and has an honest originality to it. Doesn’t even have to be anything crazy! All genres entertain me.”
Hope: “I don’t know what mathy means.”

How did you get into being a guitarist and how do you like it, Greg?
“So my brother kinda inspired me to play cause he picked up a year or two before me. My mom caught onto it and bought me an acoustic. I learned Green Day songs. That was the end of it. Doneeeee.”

What do you guys wanna do in 2017?
Hope: “We’re definitely going to get a new EP out this year, somewhere in the first half hopefully. We’re lookin’ to tour in the Spring as well, and just keep playing as many shows as we can take on. We just wanna continue with the expansion!”
Greg: “Play more shows and write more music!”
You can listen to their new single ‘Henchamn’ below and purchase it anywhere digital music is sold and streamed.

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