Cimorelli recently announced the release date for their first book, ‘Lessons Learned” and second album “Alive.” While they are on tour , I got to catch up with them to discuss what inspired the album , what they have learned, the reason for the book + more. Before we let them get back to rocking the stage, we just had to ask Lisa about the HAIR!


What inspired this new album? 

“This album is different than our first album as our first album, Up At Night, had a lot more songs about relationships, whereas Alive is a life album with songs about hope, struggle, God, self esteem, addiction and never giving up!” 

What do you want fans to take away from this album?

“As we’ve been listening to the album recently, we all feel this sense of positivity and hope. We really want the fans to feel inspired and uplifted when they hear the songs, because that’s what these messages are all about.” 

Why name the album ‘Alive’?

“The title track of the album was inspired by a poem I (Katherine) wrote. The poem was all about how the things we feel as humans, no matter how painful or hard, make us alive. That there is beauty in every emotion, and to embrace that gives us a more colorful, powerful human experience. At the core of all of that is the power of God and His grace giving us strength through it all. I think that is at the core of the message of this album.” 


How long have you guys been writing a book?

“Lessons Learned, which is our first book (coming out in January) is a book of advice and personal stories for our fans. We began almost a year ago with a list of topics that the fans had asked us for advice about over and over again. Then we broke down the topics into what we thought would be the most helpful, and we compiled our best advice, along with our personal experience and stories, into the book!” 

What made you decide it was time?

“We’ve been wanting to write a book for years, and as we were making goals and plans for 2016, the book hit the top of our list, so we decided to go for it!” 

What is the best advice someone has given you?

“I think several people told us as we were on our career journey to stay true to ourselves and be strong in that identity, no matter how much pressure there was to conform or change. That was some solid advice that really guided us in the right direction!” 


In reading the book, what do fans need to expect?

“I think they can expect a wide variety of writing styles- each of us is so different! As I was editing the book, I found that Christina has a serious, straightforward style, mine is more poetic and heartfelt, Lisa’s is hilarious and unexpected, Amy’s is sort of “hippie” and existential, Lauren’s is dry and salty, and Dani’s is sassy and to the point! So the book has quite the variety!” 

What do you want people to take away from the book?

“I want the book to be like a big sister for fans who feel lost and need advice on important things like dating, family, friends, body image, spirituality. I hope it is helpful and gives them some hope and positivity!” 

What did you all realize about yourselves after writing this book?

“I think one thing we realized is how different we all are. We already knew that, but it solidified it even more! We have been through a lot of similar experiences, but how we process things is so different.” 

On Lisa cutting her hair:


“My long hair was such high maintenance and I was just really ready for a change. It really scared me to try something so drastic but that’s what made me know I had to do it, I knew I was going to grow a lot from facing my fears!”

You can pre – order the album and book here

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