At 12am today, The Weeknd released his ‘Starboy’ album to the world , launched a pop up shop, created a listening party in Toronto that can viewed via Snapchat, and did his first ever on air interview while playing snippets of the album. whew!

Fans stood outside to purchase wrist bands to meet The Weeknd at the listening party yesterday.


Leading up to the released of his album, he cut his hair, released three music videos and three pop up shops. He also announced phase one of his tour which consist of 150 shows.


This interview was hosted at the studio that he recorded ‘Starboy’ in.

What we learned:

1. Trilogy’s motive was wealth.

2. He does not splurge much but he just started buying cars.

3. Starboy is a character.

4. He is writing a comic about his the character ‘Starboy’

5. ‘The Hills’ is his biggest record to date aside from ‘Cant Feel My Face.’

6. The pop band ‘Tears for Fears’ inspired ‘Secrets.’

7. ‘Kissland’ was an extension of ‘Trilogy’ and it was personal.

8. ‘Kissland’ is the only record he can see himself doing a sequel to.

9. Daft Punk and The Weeknd did ‘Starboy’ and ‘I Feel It Coming’ in two days

10. He didn’t think ‘Starboy’ was going to be a single. He sent it to his team in Toronto via voice note and played it on the speaker for them. They went crazy for it.

11.’Rockin’ was suppose to be the theme of the album ‘Starboy’. It was the first record he did for the album.

12. He feels like Lana Del Ray is the protagonist of his music. He felt like their lyrics were talking to each other.

13. He wanted people to watch ‘Mania’ first before he put the track list out but since the track list was going to leak anyway, he released it.

14. He thinks Kendrick Lamar is a genius.



15. He locked down the place where he recorded the album. He does not send tracks.

16. He didn’t think Eminem was going to do ‘The Hills’ remix.

17. He has been a fan of Future since he made ‘House Of Balloons.’

18. He feels his music is like a roller coaster that starts dark but gets lighter in the end.

19. To tackle the anxiety that comes with allowing yourself to be vulnerable in front of thousands, The Weeknd, relied heavily on destructive vices. He hated his first Cochella shows because of it. “I used to get on stage drunk [because] of nerves.” Thankfully, that’s no longer the case, continuing, “You have to fight the nerves. You have to fight [being scared]. That’s something I had to do and once I did, I feel like people are more nervous to see me than I am to see them.”

20. Abel no longer finds himself slipping into the darkness. “I have a good team. It’s good to have a good team. Especially a team that you grew up with. I feel like everybody loses who they are when they start cutting the people that made them who they are.”

21. When Prince gave him his AMA, is the first time they met. They were was supposed to go to Minneapolis but Prince later passed away.

22. He is a spiritual person now.

23. He wanted a dog as a child and had allergies.

24. ‘Die For You’ was the hardest song to write. Its inspired by  ‘The Knowing’ and ‘Tears in the Rain.’ He felt like ‘Die for You’ was actually ready last week.

25. Drake and The Weeknd are still very close. He said him and Drake may work together again.

26. He sees himself as a family man but he would have to retire to become one unless he was an artist who didn’t tour and didn’t put his all into it. He doesn’t see himself getting married anytime soon.

27. He tries to stay away from a lot of radio play.

28. He kept the hair and put it in Cash’s safe. He cut it because the vision was not there and the music was getting sad. It felt amazing when he cut it. He is happy that he can wear hats again and sleep better.

The interview was done on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio. The Video will be added later.
You can buy the album anywhere online now.

btw here’s a video to Lana Del Ray dancing to ‘Stargirl Interlude’

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