Ella Audrey Rae Releases Sneak Peek For New Vlog Channel

From being behind the camera to in front of it.

Hey! It’s Ella Audrey Rae here (aka the Editor In Chief) and If you follow me on Instagram , you know how much I love to take photos and interact with you guys but I’ve never posted any videos. I always wanted to but was a tad bit scared and shy but guess what!! I am so excited to announce that I will be launching my vlogging channel soon. It’s weird to write a post about yourself but I decided I wanted to share more with my readers and supporters so I finally got the nerve to step from behind the camera. Each episode will premiere on my website here and then will be uploaded to my Youtube a couple days later so be sure to subscribe to either one to receive my content.

My videos will be vlogs and live gaming but in between you may see some story times, reaction videos, and other exclusive content. A channel of empowering positive content for you to enjoy. Above is a short promo for the channel. There will be one more promotion video before the first episode. I can;t wait to share my world with you. Thanks so much for your continuous support of my magazine.

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Ella Audrey Rae

Ella is the Editor in Chief of Gold Crwn Magazine. She also blogs on her website about her life experiences and fashion. In her free time she designs websites for different creatives and retailers under the company 95LA. She is a Weeknd + Kehlani fan and loves tweeting inspiring quotes.