Ella Rae & Division 34 launch GXL Radio Station


Chesapeake, VA – Gold Crwn Magazine Founder, Ella Audrey Rae has just launched online radio station GXL. GXL Radio is powered by her media company, Division 34. The online radio station will have 1 hour curated playlist scheduled throughout the week, two live shows a week as well as 24-hour commercial free music play. “I always loved doing things with music. Weather if it was singing or dancing, music has always been that thing that kept me going and I know it is for a lot of people as well as a lot of artists. Creating music for them keeps them going so I wanted to give not just artist that I interview in the magazine a platform to get their music played but a lot of other well deserved artist who don’t get recognized because their music isn’t charting”.

GXL Radio will start off with two talk shows that will air live on Sunday’s and Wens. Ella will host ‘Reignland’ on Wens at 7PM. It will be a show where not only influencers and artist are interviewed but also where Ella talks about some of her life experiences hoping to inspire her listeners. The second show is entitled ‘Black Heart’s Club” which was created from a group chat and will mainly focus on the local music scene. It will be hosted by five girls with different creative backgrounds; Blessing [@xbvpx], Chirssy [@heymisschrissy], Marrisa [@cozyrissa], Cudi [cudi.vs.thaworld], and CJ [gnarly_cj].

Artist can submit their music for rotation by visiting the website without any payment required. Submissions are heard by Ella Audrey Rae and if accepted will be added to rotation by the next business day. Rae wants to change the radio game for the indie artist by allowing the submission process to be easier. Artist can also contact Division 34 or GXL Radio directly to set up interviews with the station. To even widen the platform GXL Radio will live stream the interviews and record them for future playback by fans.

About GXL Radio;

GXL Radio is an online radio station created for the inspired. It was created to give the small artist a bigger platform as well as shine light on good tracks that don’t make it to the radio. The music on GXL is not based on charting but sound and likeness from the fans. Created by GCM Editor In Chief, Ella Rae, GXL contains 24-7 commercial-free music, two live shows and four one hour curated playlist throughout the week with the option to add more.

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