Most girls on Instagram know who Damon Rodgers is and are apart of his #DamonGang right?

Well if you are not then this video surly will make you love him even more. He posted on Instagram his entry into the new #SoGoneChallenge and OMGOSH I just can’t deal with the amount of cuteness that comes with him in this video!

 SN: The So Gone Challenge is basically people spitting a verse to Monica’s “So Gone” instrumental.


A video posted by Damon Gang (@damoncrodgers) on

Here are the lyrics:

So far gone,
I’m outter space now
Pockets caked now,
Louie V Drapes now

Sike naw,
I’m just livin in my flesh
Got my mind full of questions that I’m so ready ask

Only to God,
assuming that I make it there
I just want my sense to connect like my facial hair
Never drove a coop.. Never drove a benz.. Grew up chillin with some dope Imaginary friends.. Til I was 10.. But,

it’s like they still here it just seems like all type of friends disappear
The only one that don’t is lookin in the mirror
I’m on the right path but don’t know how the fuck to steer
It’s okay though
I take it day by day so
I’m not trippin off the money
But I’d rather have a maid tho
Yeah a maid cuz I don’t like to clean
I just trashed this beat and passed it on like recycling

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