Cydney Mar Created A Health Brand From Her Own Experience & People Love It!

Introducing Canadian Made 'Cydney Mar Wellness' Supplements


Cydney Mar the president of Cydney Mar Wellness suffered the loss of 65% of her hair at one point in her life. Her Naturopath formulated a highly effective vitamin supplement to help her grow her hair back like crazy which inspired her to began her own business. Fabulous Hair Skin & Nails is the leading item that is currently sold online into over 10 countries around the world.  It appeals to people who have hair loss concerns from stress, pregnancy, illness and hormone issues.

“I created each with a fun name to inspire people of  what the vitamin could do for them. As someone who struggled with illness, I know what it is like to be faced with “ things that are supposed to be good for you “
but in fact remind you of how ill you are. I wanted them to be cheerful, encouraging and highly effective.” she stated.

To date, the company has shipped into 10 countries around the world and got a lot of positive feedback about the product. They are proudly made in Canada, and are improving people’s lives each and everyday.

Among the 12 Vitamin & Supplement line is  Love Your Liver,  to support the liver and regulate wonky hormones as well as Energetic Body & Mind which is an adrenal support, helping to lower the cortisol levels naturally, boost their energy and get a deep healing sleep.
You can check out the full line and purchase it on line at
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