Chris Collins talks new single ‘Ain’t Ready’ + more

Tis the season to give you a sneak peek of the interview with cover guy, Chris Collins! He is back with another smash just in time for Christmas and no it is not a Christmas song but it is a song you definitely won’t stop listening too. On top of achieving so much this year with his five million plus fans across the globe, Collins had to make sure he left his mark in 2016 and with this new single, he did. You have to admit though, anything this guy puts out is amazing.

2017 is about to get taken over by @weeklychris and it isn’t even here yet.

[ Gold Crwn ] What inspired this new single?

[Chris Collins] “Ain’t Ready was inspired by the story of a relationships where no matter how much you fight, you can’t leave each other.”

How long have you been working on this single?

“I started working on this with the Swagga Squad team at the beginning of the year.”

How excited are you about this new project?

“I’m super excited to get the song out and share the new projects with my viewers 🙂 I can’t wait.”

On what his EP is going to sound like :

“There’s a lot of variation in the EP when it comes to the sound and style, but the story’s stay consistent with each other and you can feel the laid-back expression throughout the whole project.”

How do you like working with your family?

“I am thankful to have my family alongside me in the industry. We can play off each other creatively and it’s a blessing to have their  support. I love my family.”

What do you want to do in 2017 that you didn’t get to do in 2016?

“Soooo much stuff. This is gonna be a busy year haha I’m super focused on the music and traveling to as many places as I possibly can.”

What advice would you give a new artist?

“Love what you do and don’t give up 🙂 create music you love and someone will love it too.”

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