Cimorelli was created by Christina Cimorelli. She first thought of the idea among friends but when the friend band didn’t work out, she embarked on her sisters for what would become one the worlds hidden treasures. The Cimorelli sisters have been singing for a long time. They started in musical theater before the band was formed. Their mother ,who is a vocal coach and has a degree in music, noticed their love for singing and helped develop their voices.

After watching other people place covers on YouTube, nervous as they were they decided to give it a try.

FUN FACT: If you watch old Cimorelli video’s , you notice Dani is missing. “The band was formed when I was really little, so I kinda grew up with it around me, and the idea was that I was gonna be in it one day, so when i got old enough i joined!!”

As Cimorelli became bigger with their covers on YouTube, request for original music became greater as well. Christina and Lauren decided it was time for original music and they started writing the bands first EP entitled “Cimorelli”.

Soon after it’s release , Cmorelli was contacted by Universal for a recording contract. “This manager saw our YouTube video of “Party in the USA”! She worked with us for a while and got us in contact with Universal! We were so excited!! We thought it was the key to all of our dreams coming true because it was one of our biggest dreams!!”

They then moved to the other side of Cali to make it official. “We actually grew up in northern California, but it was insane moving down to southern California! We went to the beach first! It was kind of like an alternate universe. Between both halves of the states it was such a culture shock! Southern California is very different from the small town we grew up in in NorCal!”

As Cimorelli was hard at work , they released a new EP entitled “Believe It”. In that same ERA , they were nominated for their first Teen Choice Award. With the EP, came their first ever music video for the lead single “Believe It”.. “We were super excited and super nervous! Even though we had done a lot of videos on our own, it was so different having a director and a big crew. It was a little nerve-wracking! I (Amy) was the most nervous. I literally cried before I did the solo close e up shot (hahahah). I was so scared!!!”

Their first ever music video is released and it hits a million plus views. They said to celebrate that victory, they ran and screamed around the house

“We wanted to be positive, and we wanted our fans to feel inspired to achieve great things. “

After the success of the first studio EP,, they released an American themed EP entitled “Made In America”. “We have so much American pride! We love America and everything it stands for!!! We love how you have the opportunity to achieve any dream. We love that about this place!”

They released the music video for the titled single. The video reached 22 million views on YouTube.

In 2013, Cimorelli finally won their first Teen Choice Award. “We didn’t actually get to accept it on stage, but we were SO excited and grateful to the fans for voting for us!”

Cimorelli then entered what I call the Renegade ERA . They began to flourish all over the world. They performed at the Digi Fest in London, NYC, and Toronto. As well as , host AwesomnessTV on Nick and get their song in a Hasbro commercial. Sounds like the dream of all young pop stars right?

The Renegade ERA was not over, Cimorelli then jumped into acting with their own show entitled “Summer With Cimorelli”.

“We partnered with a production company who pitched us on the idea! We had so much fun creating it and getting to know all the people who worked on it with us!”

Our fans are perfect as they are!! When you accept yourself, that’s when you can actually start living and being grateful! Your body is yours for a reason!! You have so much to give to the world and so much to be grateful for!. ”

How was acting for you? “We all thought it was nerve wracking and kinda hard at first but we all ended up really liking it!!! We practiced our lines for hours before we filmed it! We would love to do it again!!
Are you planning to do some more acting or release another Summer W/ Cimorelli this year? “WE have no plans in the works for another summer with Cimorelli THIS YEAR, But we would definitely be open to it! As for acting, we love it, and we are definitely working on some other project ideas right now!”
You performed in Spain at the Coca Cola Music Experience! What was your favorite memory from Spain? “IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! The concert is SUCH an incredible memory for all of us! WE had never been to Spain before and it was amazing! The country is so beautiful, and the people are so warm and wonderful there!”
Which artist were you excited to meet? “We were excited to meet The Vamps!! They were soo nice!!”

Eventually sometime last year , Cimorelli decided to leave the record label and become independent thus moving to Nashville. “We decided that the label wasn’t a good fit for us anymore! We needed to find ourselves and be able to be creative on our own terms, but we have no hard feelings. We learned so much and we are very grateful for that, but it was time to move on.”

“You have to trust you instincts! The business is rapidly changing so labels aren’t as needed!”

Let’s talk about the debut album. This album has been a long awaited one. Why did it take you guys so long to release an album? “That was a label decision. However, if we released an album before, it may not have been something that we were super proud of, as we have learned so much more then what we knew then. It’s definitely the perfect time to release it because we now know who we are, and we are so excited about this album! We did everything on our own to bring this album to life, and we are super passionate about it!” What is “Up All Night” about? It is a mix of all of our personal stories. It is about life and love and really everything that we have gone through in the past few years! We wrote every song on it, so it is extremely personal.
What do you want fans to take from it when they listen to it? We want them to be able to express all of their emotions because emotions give our lives color and vibrancy! It really is a privilege to feel deeply. We hope it is super relatable because it is all of our personal stories. We put our hearts into this album! We wrote every song on this album ourselves, and we put so much love into it!!” Looking at yourselves from 7 years ago until now, how have each of you changed or became better? We have all changed sooooo much!!! We’ve all become so much more self aware and courageous!!! We have gone through so much with both of our moves and living in LA and Tennessee! Our lives are nothing like they were before, and we have grown in so many ways we never thought possible!!
What do you want to accomplish from here on out? we want to keep spreading love and positivity to everyone who hears our songs or watches our videos or sees anything that we do! We just wanna make art that we are extremely proud of and is authentic to who we are!

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