Alexi Blue releases anti mean girl single ‘Bitchcraft’

We finally have a name for it.

Alexi Blue is back in the game with a new single to keep us bluestars going in 2018.’BitchCraft’ is what she calls the mean girls attitudes this year. Never heard the phrase but the way she delivers those notes makes me believe this is defiantly going to be a trending saying this year. The single comes a month after her last project for 2017 ‘3 Minutes’ which told the story of an independent artist having to face the emotional challenge of industry executives. The song was received well by fans and open a lot of eyes into what many indie artist deal with on a daily basis trying to sign a record deal. BitchCraft showcases Alexi’s voice in the best way with nothing more then a guitar and a few background vocals. You know from the studio version that the live version is going to be amazing because that is who Alex is, she started with just her voice and a guitar.

You can download or stream it anywhere online digital music is sold. Can’t wait for the video. I would assume it would be a little magical effects and stuff in it but you never know now a days. Comment your thoughts before or start a conversation on our twitter because we tweet back!

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Ella Audrey Rae

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