Gold Crwn Magazine is an online and print publication that is made up of Girl Power and Fandoms from across the world.  It was first brought online in 2012 as PGAB or Pretty Girls Against Bullying, before becoming Gold Crwn Magazine in 2014. It was not until 2016 that it caught the eye of major PR firms and other brands from across multiple platforms.

Gold Crwn wants to redefine beauty, journalism and girl power with the help of the creative and inspired. The magazines we publish include inspiring articles, upcoming artist interviews, fashion, beauty, small brands, things brought to us by fans, and even amazing photography. We strive to listen and produce things that make our readers feel good about themselves and the artist they fan out about. We also strive to make the artist and brands we write about feel comfortable with themselves as they talk to us and share their talents with the world. That is the reason we have put into place a no rumor policy within our platform.

We are Girl Powered & Fandom Powered. Let’s Inspire.

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