​The Best Way to Apply Express Tape Extensions by Tony Odisho

Tony, the owner and founder of Tony Odisho, is a master hairstylist and extensions expert. That’s why we decided to create this step by step tutorial of him showing the best way to apply Express Tape Extensions with single-sided tape. If you follow his fool proof method, you can’t go wrong!

Match the Color 

Using the Tony Odisho swatch ring, match the color so that you purchase the correct extensions shade for your client. Make sure you match the hair from the mid-strand down, not from the roots.We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to always match the hair using a swatch ring! The way a shade appears on a screen or monitor varies so much that there’s no guarantee you’ll purchase the correct color based on that alone. So make sure to always use the swatch ring!

Prepare the Hair 

Wash the hair using the Ostia Collection Clarifying Shampoo until all residue and oils are removed. Do not use any other styling product or conditioner. Dry hair thoroughly.

Section the Hair and Begin Applying

When applying extensions, start from the bottom and work your way up. After clipping up all the hair above the first row, grab a piece of hair that is the same width of the tape extensions strip. Make sure you can see your fingers through the piece when you hold it taut. Then place the sticky side of the tape sandwich underneath this piece and smooth with a comb.

Then grab the next piece of extensions (or in this case, a strip of single-sided tape) and create a sandwich with the natural hair in the middle. Why a client might prefer single-sided sandwiches to double varies. However the most common reasons are that either their hair is already thick and they don’t want more volume/density or they have thin hair, which would be weighed down too much by a double-sided sandwich.

Using tape application pincers, seal the sandwich. This step is extremely important because not all pincers work well. Our application pincers give an added 20 pounds of pressure, ensuring that the tape stays put!

This is what the pattern for the first row should look like. Make sure the bonds aren’t too close to the scalp or to each other. Unclip the next layer of hair to begin applying the second row.

This is what the second to last row should look like.The pattern for the final layer of extensions is a little bit different than the rest. It’s a horseshoe shape, which allows room for the natural hair’s eventual outgrowth without having the sandwiches hit the client’s ears.

When you’re done applying, spray hair with 3-in-1 Mist to protect it against heat and UV rays as well as detangle it. Then brush out the hair with an extensions brush.

Trim the Extensions-You will have to trim the extensions to add dimension and blend it better with the natural hair. Have the client show you where they want their hair to fall and confirm it with them twice, if possible! Have the client stand while you trim the extensions. This will allow you to get a better idea of where the hair falls, so you can give them the perfect length!

Style the Hair

Get ready to style the hair by prepping it with Flexible Hold Hairspray. This will give you a workable hold and even act as a heat protectant!

Curl hair using the Tony Odisho Infrared Curling Iron. The iron heats quickly and style quickly to create curls or waves that last all day long!

Lastly, have the client check her hair and its length to make sure she’s 100% satisfied. And that’s it! Now your client has gorgeous Express Tape Extensions. For more information on applications or to receive hands on experience in one of certification classes, please contact me to republish, hi res images and interviews.

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Buy Tony’s hair care products and extensions here.

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